Parishes (A)


ADYAPADY: (1974)

Address : Adyapady P.O.
Via Bajpe 574142
Phone : 0824-2252623; 8277939302

Catholics : 320   Families : 76

P. P. : Rev. Edwin Francis Pinto
(2016 onwards)
Phone : 9480013005; 9741784002

Sub Station : St Antony Chapel, Antonykatte


Former Priests :

P. P. : Rev. Melwyn D’Souza (till 2016)

Once part of Bajpe, Adyapady parish is also known as Mariapura. Fr Aveline D’Silva of Bajpe started the construction of the chapel, which was built on a plot of land donated by Mr and Mrs Charles and Muriel Pinto on September 9, 1969. It was blessed by Bishop Basil S. D’Souza on May 21, 1972 and was served from Bajpe for nearly two years. Adyapady was raised to the status of a parish on March 19, 1974 with Fr Charles Lewis as the first parish priest. Since the government initiated the process of acquiring the church land to construct a new runway at Bajpe airport, the improvements proposed here by the church have come to a standstill. The government has already allotted a plot of land measuring 2½ acres for the church and a sum of Rs 14.5 lakh as compensation for the land acquired by the government.