Bishop inaugurates New PR Office of Mangalore Diocese at Bishop’s House

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MANGALURU, APRIL 25 : For the first time in Mangalore diocese, an office for the Public Relations with its physical structure was established at the Bishop’s House, Manglaore and the same was blessed and inaugurated by Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of Mangalore on Monday, April 25, 2022 at the Bishop’s House, Mangalore.

Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha gave a solemn opening of the new Public Relations Office by invoking God’s blessing through prayer. He also blessed the renovated office of Pontifical Missions Organisations at the same time.

Very Rev. Msgr Maxim L Noronha, Vicar General of the diocese, Public Relations Officers Rev. Dr J. B. Saldanha and Mr Roy Castelino, Director of Pontifical Mission Society Rev. Fr Rupesh Tauro, Diocesan Estate Manager Rev. Fr Maxim Rosario, Rev. Fr Vijay Victor Lobo, Ex-PRO, Rev. Fr Valerian Fernandes, editor of Raknno weekly and Rev Fr Rohan Lobo, Bishop’s Secretary and Bishop’s house staff members were present among the many.

Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore
Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore

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