Bishop leads Good Friday Ceremony in Rosario Cathedral. Solemn procession of Holy Cross relic held

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MANGLAORE, APRIL 15: After two years of Covid restrictions, Cathedral and other Churches in Mangalore were seen fully packed with people for the Good Friday Ceremony.
Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of Manglaore led the Good Friday Ceremony in the evening of April 15 in Our Lady Rosary Cathedral, Rosario.

People participated in great numbers to take part in the passion of the Lord and veneration of the Holy Cross.

Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha shared his reflections on the Holy Cross. He said, “We, Christians celebrate the death of our Lord Jesus, for we are redeemed by it. Jesus has saved us from the sun and death by shedding his body and blood on the Cross. The death of Jesus has offered us New Life with Him in Heaven.”

As part of the liturgy, there was no celebration of the Holy Mass. Bishop prayed the solemn intercessions. The veneration of the Holy Cross was held and faithful paid due respect and reverence to it.

A meaningful reflections on the Holy Cross was delivered by Rev. Fr Victor D’Souza, Principal, Rosario PU College, Mangalore.
He said, “There is no Christianity without Cross and there is no Cross without Christ. Cross is the identity of all Christians. It is the symbol of great love and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus.”

The solemn ceremony of lowering the body of Jesus from the Holy Cross was held with great devotion and reverence. Faithful took part in the procession of the relic of Body of Jesus.

Rev. Fr Alfred J Pinto, Rector of the Cathedral, Fr Vinod Lobo, Assistant Parish Priest, Fr Anil Fernandes, Director, Canara Communication Centre, Mangalore were present.

Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore
Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore

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