Mangalore Diocese Unites in Chrism Mass Celebration at Rosario Cathedral

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MANGALURU, MARCH 21: In a unifying ceremony marking the commencement of Holy Week, Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, the bishop of Mangalore, presided over the Chrism Mass on Thursday evening, March 21, 2024, at Rosario Cathedral, Mangalore. The event, attended by clergy, religious and faithful, symbolized a significant spiritual gathering for the Mangalore Diocese.

Bishop Saldanha expressed, “It’s truly heartening to witness the gathering of our priests who have dedicated their lives to sanctifying the Church through their ministerial priesthood. As we consecrate the oils used in the sacraments for healing and sanctification, let us offer our prayers for the priests and the Church in Mangalore.”

In his homily, Bishop Saldanha emphasized, “Without priests, there would be no Church or sacramental celebrations. The gift of Priests and Priesthood bestowed by God upon humanity is indispensable. The vitality and mission of the Church are upheld by the presence of priests who administer the sacraments and carry out the mission of Jesus Christ.”

The bishop said, “Today, as priests commit to ‘configure to Christ always,’ may this pledge inspire and guide them.”

Priests prepare spiritually before Chrism Mass

Before the Chrism Mass, clergy members engaged in spiritual preparation, including recollection, confession, and adoration at Rosario Cathedral. Very Rev. Fr Daniel Veigas, OP, Episcopal Vicar for Religious, Mangalore, guided the clergy, focusing on the theme of prayer in the priestly life.

Priests renew their priestly promises

Following the homily, Bishop Saldanha led the diocesan priests in the renewal of their priestly promises. The congregation witnessed as priests reaffirmed their vows and pledged to grow in their union with Christ, fulfil their priestly duties, and serve through liturgy, teaching, and sacrifice.

In a solemn moment, the bishop blessed the sacred oils, including the Oil of the Sick, the Oil of the Catechumens, and the Sacred Chrism. These oils, essential in various sacraments and rituals, will be distributed to parishes across the diocese for use throughout the year.

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