‘Christianity is based on peace and service’ : Dr Sreevarma Heggade

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Report by: Br Joel Monteiro, Gladsom. Pics by: St Antony Ashram, Jeppu

MANGALURU, DEC 22: “Chritianity is based upon the principle of peace and service; Religion is not a superstitious belief, but it is that which specifies the nature of the object”, opined Dr Sreevarma Heggade, a philosopher, social activist, writer and motivational speaker on Religion in a symposium held at Sambhrama Hall, St Anthony’s Ashram, Jeppu on the evening of Wednesday, December 22, 2021 here in the city.

The symposium, titled “Religion: Peace to People of Good Will”, was organised at the outset of Christmas by the Chair in Christianity, Mangalore University in association with St Anthony’s Ashram, Jeppu.

The chief speaker, Dr Sreevarma brought out the unique dimension of religion and defined that ‘Dharma’ is not merely confined to humans but, it can be applied simultaneously to all the creatures in the Universe. He said, “The religion of Jesus Chirst was of love and service and it was evident in the life he lived.” Further, he stressed upon the need for forgiveness in our life. “We must always look up to Jesus for his great quality of forgiveness even when he was hanging on the cross”, he added.

In his message Mr A. C. Vinayaraj, Corporator, Mangalore City Corporation described Christmas as the feast of light celebrated across the world crossing the boundary of religions. “All the teachings of Jesus are limited not only to Christians but it is the message to the entire humanity”, he said.

Mr Vinayaraj compared darkness to another face of sin that drives us away from God and makes our living difficult. Adding further, “You have all the possibilities to attain success walking the evil path which would not last long when compared to the path set by God for you”, he said. He adressed the students requesting them to self surrender before God and imbibe those qualities of Jesus that make us spiritually rich. “Being a Christian your exemplary work should be a strong point for people to reckon you with”, he added.

Rev. Dr Victor George D’Souza, the Chancellor of the diocese of Mangalore and Professor and Head of the Chair in Christianity welcomed the gathering and presented mementos to the dignitaries. Rev. Fr J. B. Crasta, Administrator, St Anthony’s Ashram, Jeppu introduced the spokespersons of the day. Rev. Fr Onil D’Souza, Director, St Anthony’s Ashram, Jeppu proposed the vote of thanks. Ms Jeswina compared the programme. A small cultural programme followed thereafter in view of Christmas.

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Director CCC Admin

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