Constitution of India: Our Nations Pride!

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Oct 26 : The Indian Constitution is considered the longest and best constitution in the world guarantying the citizens ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. Dr B.R. Ambedkar, the first Law Minister of Independent India was also the principal architect of the Constitution of India. But how many of us know our Constitution?

In order to provide partners, staff and other representatives an insight into the Constitution of India, the Bandhavya® Mangaluru organized a seminar on this topic on 23.10.2018 at CODP-ISD, Mangaluru.

Fr Jose Ayamkudy, Director DKRDS Belthangady welcomed the gathering and Fr Oswald Monteiro, Director CODP Mangaluru first introduced the topic and then explained the purpose of the Seminar. Thereafter Fr Oswald welcomed the resource person Dr B.K. Ravindra to take over the sessions.

Dr Ravindra, Director of Legal Studies, Vivekananda Law College, Puttur, reminded the participants that Dr Ambedkar was also the founding father of the Republic of India. He campaigned against social discrimination towards Dalits, while also supporting the rights of women and labour. He went on to explain the meaning, type, and other aspects of the Constitution. In the course of his talk he explained about the Articles/Schedules – their implications vis-a-vis each other, the positive and negative impact of some articles on the citizens, etc. Dr Ravindra supported his talk by quoting various prominent cases and their verdicts with reference to the Constitution.

The seminar was followed by a brief interactive session when some participants put forward their doubts which was duly clarified by the resource person. Though the participants were eager to continue the interaction, due to time constraint the seminar concluded at 1.30 p.m. with lunch.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Nagendra Rao, Staff of Dharmajyothi Social Centre, Vamanjuru. 63 participants from 12 partner NGOs attended the seminar.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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