Covid-19 relief works by CODP

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May 26 : The second wave of Covid 19 is causing havoc in India in 2021. It is worse than last year infecting thousands of people and killing hundreds every day.

To curb the spread of the disease, the Government has declared lock down again from April 22nd night of 2021. Even though the lockdown curbs the spread of the pandemic, it totally cripples the economy of the state. People have lost their jobs and millions have been driven back to below the poverty line. Hunger and disease have become the norm of life.

In this background, CODP has ventured out to poor casual labor class people at Sunkadakatte, Yeyyadi , Raikatte, Konchadi, Moodshedde, Shaktinagar, Haleangadi etc on 23rd May 2021.

The distribution of food kits was presided over by the Bishop Most Rev Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of Mangalore. At Sunkadakatte , he said that according to Jesus, we are all human beings. We need to show concern towards our needy and poor neighbours. Our judgement will be based on the love we have shown towards our poor brethren. Hence we must reach out to all the hungry , sick and least of brothers and sisters. The church has been doing the same ever since its inception. At Yeyyadi he quoted an incident in the life of Mother Theresa, where a poor lady whom she had helped, shared her share with a most needy neighbor. This kind of spirit must be developed by us all.

Fr. Oswald Monteiro, the secretary of CODP, informed the people about the charity done by CODP to all the poor in the area. He said that CODP always promotes fraternity among people of all faiths and fights against hunger and disease.

Fr. Vincent Dsouza, the secretary designate , Mr. Ashok Konchadi, the president of Dalit Sangarsha Samithi, Mr. Adarsh Crasta of DYFI and Mr. Chandrahasa, Rtd Deputy Tahsildar were present along with other office bearers of local clubs. Around one hundred food kits worth Rs. 60,000/- were distributed to the poor.

Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore
Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore
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