Father Muller’s thanks Donors on World Blood Donor’s Day 2020

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June 12 : First and foremost, a very big thank you to all the regular Voluntary Blood Donors and Voluntary Blood Donation Camp organizers for donating blood at Father Muller Medical College Hospital Blood Bank and the various other blood banks nationally and internationally.

Medical Science is advancing with record rapidity. One indispensable component that has been behind this fast forward progress is blood transfusion service, be it routine or emergency cases or complex medical and surgical intervention.

Blood is the elixir of life. The need for safe blood is universal. An adequate supply of safe blood can only be assured through regular donations by Voluntary unpaid blood donors. Hence, World Health Organization has designated a special day to thank blood donors and to encourage more people to donate blood. Every year on 14th June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day. This event established in the year 2004, serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank all blood donors for their voluntary, life saving gift of blood. This years theme is Safe blood Save Lives” with the slogan “Give blood and make the world a Healthier place.”









World Blood Donors Day is one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization.

Father Muller Medical College Hospital Blood Bank has reached greater heights with the immense support by the management. The hospital is accrediated by NABH in which Blood Bank is a part of it. The blood bank is well equipped with good infrastructure such as Automated technology for blood grouping, Crossmatching, Antibody screening, Antiglobulin test and Transfusion Transmitted Infectious disease screening. It has a Donor Club registry in which, both students and employees of Father Muller Charitable Institutions and voluntary donors from the public are registered.

The blood donated by the donors are separated into different blood components within 6 hours of blood collection and then issued based on the blood request after effective screening of blood units. A large number of Voluntary blood donation camps are conducted every year with the help of various organizers.

The staff of blood bank are working tirelessly in order to achieve the goal of administering safe blood for recipients round the clock. The blood bank conducts monthly Transfusion Committee meetings with Clinicians and the Management without fail so as to monitor all the donor and patient related blood issues. All donor and transfusion reactions are reported to the Haemovigilance team. Blood Bank is also involved in various academic activities such as several projects and publications which are completed every year by the MBBS, MSc MLT and MD Pathology students under the guidance of staff of blood bank.

We, from Father Muller Medical College Hospital Blood Bank and Youth Red Cross Unit, Father Muller Medical College with the support of our management under the able leadership and immense guidance of our Director Rev Fr Richard A Coelho, Rev Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa and Rev Fr Ajith Menezes, young dynamic Administrators of the Hospital and Medical College, Dean Dr Jayaprakash Alva, Medical Superintendent Dr Udayakumar and also under the guidance of our HOD, Pathology, Dr.Jayaprakash CS, have been celebrating World Blood Donor Day every year by felicitating a few of our regular Voluntary Blood Donors and Voluntary Blood Donation camp organizers.

However, this year due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to celebrate the occasion. Hence, we would like to thank all regular voluntary blood donors and camp organizers for their constant support by donating blood voluntarily as well as immediately responding to our calls whenever in need.

We reminiscence the memories of the yester year’s celebrations bring you highlights through some pictures.

Interested Voluntary Blood Donors are welcome now to register in our donor club registry at 0824-2238126.






– Dr Kirana Pailoor, Incharge Blood Bank Officer & Associate Professor, Dept of Pathology, FMMC


Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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