Government Schemes is our Right

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The Diocesan Development Committee in collaboration with deanery development committee organized a training programme on government schemes for Mangalore Diocesan Sisters on 5th july 2015, CODP.

Rev. Fr. Oswald Monteiro, the Director of CODP and Secretary of Mangalore Diocese Development Committee welcomed the gathering and later in his session on development explained about “What is Development and How people of any community can improve their economic situation by following Asset Based Community Development Approach. He further said that, real development is visible only when people fully participate in any activity and make maximum use of their own resources and opportunities available. He pointed out through the example of half full and empty glass of water that deficiency of resources in the community should be filed with resources available in the surrounding.

Thereafter, the resource persons Mrs Shanthi D’Souza, Project coordinator and programme manager of CODP, elaborated clearly about various present available government schemes and different types of scholarships to the minorities and the backward classes. Group discussion was facilitated on the topic. After that she also gave an Power Point Presentation on different types of application of government schemes like Widow Pension, marriage Registration form, Old age application form etc.,

The session was informative and useful to the sister who is really involved in the community services. There was lot of clarification and active participation by the sisters.

The day’s programme commenced with a prayer service and concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Sr. Michel. There were 38 participants in the progeramme.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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