Importance of peace, harmony emphasized at Christmas event

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Addressing the occasion, Mahabala Maarla, mayor of Managalore City Corporation said, “For a better and peaceful society people should follow the principles of Jesus Christ. As human beings we should cultivate a helping nature and live in unity and treat everying with equality.”

He also urged people to live with communal harmony, and follow the message of Jesus Christ. “If the thoughts of Jesus Christ are assimilated into our daily lives, we can expect to have a better society,” he added.

Dr M N Rajendra Kumar, president of SCDCC, said, “Christmas celebration is significant in spreading the message of peace throughout the world. Society will move forward when we follow the policy of ‘live and let live’.”

Condemning the brutal massacre of school children in Pakistan’s Peshawar, he said, “The world can have a good future only through peace. We should live for others.”

Zohra Abbas, member of Beary Sahithya Academy stressed on the need for communal harmony in the district. “The principles of Jesus Christ – love and peace – inspired Mahatma Gandhi. The contribution of Christian institutions in the field of education is immense. Accept the good in everyone and lead a peaceful harmonious life,” she advised.

Alyosius Paul D’ Souza, bishop of Mangalore diocese in his address said, “Jesus Christ lived for everyone by preaching love, peace, and humanity to the world. His message is that we should serve the poor. You can see god in the service offered to the poor. We should live in peace, humanity and brotherhood and help each other. We should care for and share with the needy. ‘Share what you have’ is the philosophy of god. Love and respect everyone. All are children of god.”

The bishop further briefed about the work done by Mangalore diocese and said that as many as 160 houses were built for the poor in the last two years, and now 24 houses are under construction for the poorest of the poor.

Catholic Sabha president Flavy D’Souza, advocate M P Norohna, vicar general Msgr Denis Prabhu and others were present.

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