Inauguration and Blessings of the New Crib at Rosario Cathedral, Mangalore

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In keeping with the changing outreach to humanity by the Catholic Church according to the thinking and exhortations of Pope Francis,  a novel effort was unveiled at the  Rosario Cathedral at Pandeshwar on December 22, 2015 evening by Msgr. Denis Moras Prabhu,  Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese.

He explained that Mangalore was well known for elaborate cribs.  Here, a special crib was launched in keeping with Pope Francis letter “Laudato Si” emphasizing the preservation of ecology and environment as also India’s focus on “Swacch Bharat” and cleanliness. The church here has adopted the principle “You are responsible for your garbage” cleanliness.

This unique crib for the 2015 Christmas season has articulated beautiful large figures/statues and the elaborate nativity scene is set within a split revolving globe to clearly project the joy of the word in beautiful setting rotating at a steady speed to allow digesting the meaning and details of the scene and it’s importance for nature and environmental. This new idea hatched by various persons of the Rosario Parish encouraged by the Parish Priest J.B. Crasta and his team is seen to be giving a lead to a new revolution in cribs.  Hordes of people will rush to see this attraction in this Christmas week and on New Year’s day open in the Rosario compound.

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Director CCC Admin
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