Inauguration of ‘Divine Mercy Water’ A Drinking Water Project

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News & Photos: Fr Joseph Rodrigues

Kifaru, Jan. 12: A drinking water Project inaugurated in the Kifaru Church Campus at 11 am on 11th Jan. 2019.

Ever since the bore hole was dug in the campus, around 30 neighbouring families were taking water.  On Jan 11th, an official inauguration of the project was done. Mr. Sadi Seushi, the Chairman of the Kigigi, the Local Government body, inaugurated the project by letting water and giving a bucket of water to the local women. Speaking on the occasion, he appreciated the charitable work done by the Church.

Fr. Alwyn D’ Souza the Mission Superior, spoke about the objectives of the programme and sought the cooperation of the local Government and local people.


Mr. Nitu Singh a well wisher, gave call for the support of good works done by the church. Mr. Samuel Mzava, Head Master of Kifaru Primary School, and Mrs. Happiness, Head Teacher of Magengo Primary School, Ward member Zulia Musa, the local health committee members, student from KCMC Moshi, were present for the programme.

Fr. Hilary Lobo the Parish Priest welcomed the gathering, Mr, Maro the Vice President of Parish Pastoral Council introduced the guests, and Mr. Kepha thanked all.

In the same programme a Main Switch was donated to the Kifaru Primary School.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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