Inauguration of the newly renovated Sacred Heart Block at Father Muller Medical College Hospital

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Media Release

Mangaluru, July 27: The newly renovated Sacred Heart Block, was inaugurated by His Excellency Rev Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of Mangalore on 27 July 2019 at 8:30 am at the Father Muller Medical College Hospital. The block houses the oncology care center having 3 floors with 36 private rooms, 16 semi private rooms and 10 Day Care center beds for chemotherapy. The block also houses the consultation rooms and the basement has 60 beds for oncology patients. The building was built in 1979 under the then Director Fr Peter Noronha receiving construction aid from Derance Agency, USA, which had the Sacred Heart of Jesus as its patron. The center has been succour for the pained, giving care and healing to many.

The Bishop of Mangalore also adorns the responsibility of the President of the Father Muller Charitable Institutions and provides timely guidance and spiritual care for the same. His Excellency on cutting the ribbon led the gathering in prayer and then blest the premise with Holy Water. In his address, the Bishop thanked the gathering for being present in large numbers and reminded of the Love of God for each one of us. God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son Jesus, who willing died for the cause of sin by forgiving until the end his perpetrators. Jesus taught us to be humble and human and the power of His love surpasses all human calculation. He reminded all of the patron saint of the Oncology Department in Catholic traditions is St Peregrine Laziosi. Born into a rich family in Italy he in his youth had joined a movement revolting against the Pope. The Pope wanting to resolve the situation had sent St Philip Benizi to mediate with the leaders of the movement. Peregrine at that time struck the face of St Philip, who also offered the other cheek. Peregrine was so overcome that he repented and converted to Catholicism severing thereafter in the order of the Servites, which is the Order of the Servants of Mary. He served in solitude and when struck with cancer of the foot and being advised amputation, he prayed the night before the surgery only to be cured of the same. He died at a ripe old age of 85 in 1345. He was canonized by Pope Benedict XIII in 1726. His open defiance of the church, as a youth, on being given the grace of conversion like St Paul, made him one of the great saints of his time. Even though being afflicted with cancer, his faith and fervour was rewarded in Christ’s Love, hence becoming a patron Saint for Cancer patients. People afflicted with cancer till date, pray for his intersession. The bishop prayed that the ward named after the Sacred Heart of Jesus may bring in speedy recovery through the mercy of Jesus on patients irrespective of religion or faith. He declared the block open with a song of praise.

The welcome address was delivered by Rev Fr Richard A Coelho, Director of the Father Muller Charitable Institutions. He expressed his gratitude and acknowledged the presence to all gathered for the inauguration, especially the Bishop of Mangalore for the time off taken from his busy schedule. He reminised the fact that the block built by the former Director Rev Fr Peter Noronha served these many years catering to the health of the patients and as years passed a need was felt to improve the facilities and amenities towards patient care. Thus under the leadership of the former Bishop and the Support of the Current Bishop the plan to renovate the block was envisioned. He welcomed the well-wishers of the institution who have provide their time and money in service of the sick. He welcomed the Administrators, the members of the Governing Board, Management Committee, Advisory Committee, the faculty, staff, students and patients gathered.

Vote of thanks was delivered by Rev Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa, Administrator, Father Muller Medical Hospital. He whole heartedly thanked the Bishop for his blessing and presence. The hard work put in by the director and the administrator’s of the renovation was highlighted. The contractors, architects, designers and workers were felicitated and thanked for. Fr Rudolph beautifully stitched the thank you showcasing the collective efforts put in by the faculty, staff and the housekeeping in bringing about this event.
Fr Ajith Menezes, Administrator, Father Muller Medical College, Fr Roshan Crasta, Administrator, Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College Hospital, Fr. Sylvester Vincent Lobo, Administrator, Father Muller Hospital Thumbay, Rev Fr Nelson Dheeraj Pais, Assistant Administrator Father Muller Medical Hospital, Rev Fr Peter Noronha, Fomer Director FMCI, Sr Janet D’Souza, CNO, Dean’s of the respective colleges, Faculty, Staff, Students and Well-wishers were present.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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