International Workers Day Celebration

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The International Workers Day or May Day was observed by Urban SHG groups of CODP, Nanthoor on 01.05.2016. The resource persons on this occasion was Mr. K.R. Aravinda Ballal, the Senior Councilor of Literacy in Jnana Jyothi Trust and Mr. Kiran, coordinator of Rachana. Fr. Oswald Monteiro, Director of CODP was the president of the programme. The coordinator of CODP Mrs. Shanthi D Souza and Animators Mrs. Kala and Mrs. Hemalatha were also present for the programme.

Mrs. Shanthi D’Souza welcomed the dignitaries on the dais and also the other participants attending the programme.

Fr. Oswald Monteiro in his speech explained that all types of work have dignity, whether you work in office or do any other domestic work. However, the work must be done with honesty and sincerity. He further said that we should not be ashamed to do any kind of work. It is the corrupt officers, thieves, fraudsters who are involved in cheating people should actually feel ashamed and not the manual workers who do menial jobs.

Mr. K.R. Aravinda Ballal, gave a talk on how to open a bank saving account and explained the importance of savings in one’s life. He also explained how to make optimum use of money to meet man’s basic needs and also about various other savings schemes available in banks.

Mr. Kiran briefly explained about the benefits/facilities available under Minority Government Schemes.

The programme concluded at 1.00 pm with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Kala.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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