Mangalore Bishop Visits KALIMANI Outstation of Kifaru Parish

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On 21st of March 2019 during his maiden visit to Same Mission in Tanzania, Bishop most Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha visited Kalimani outstation of Kifaru Parish, Mwanga, Tanzania. Parishioners of Kalimani church welcomed the bishop outside of the church and with singing the hymns they entered the church. Parish council chairperson Mr. Bonaventure Maro gave the welcoming speech and Fr. George welcomed bishop and Fr. Joseph welcomed Fr. Vincent with garland.

Bishop celebrated the holy Eucharist and Fr. Vincent Monteiro, Parish priest Fr. Hilary Lobo, Fr. Joseph and Fr. George were the concelebrants. During the mass bishop blessed the parishioners with Holy water and exchanged the peace with all by shaking their hands and laying hand over their heads. In his homily bishop spoke about love of god and the mercy he has shown to the mankind. Then the outstation leaders came to the Altar and renewed the oath along with lighted candles.

After the mass there was small felicitation ceremony by parishioners of Kalimani church. Mr. Bonaventure Maro gave the welcoming speech and parishioners honored the bishop and Fr. Vincent with shawl and garlands. Mr. Francis Kundi the secretary of Kalimani read the annual report of the station and Mr. Kivara presented the history of the church. During the function parishioners honored both catechists of kalimani parish. Bishop addressed the parishioners and he thanked them for their hospitality and reception. He also distributed blessed rosaries to the parishioners.

Fr. George thanked bishop and other priests on behalf of the parishioners. At the end bishop gave his blessings. After the program there was sweets distribution.


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