Mangalore : ICYM 70th Jublee celebration

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Photos : Kevin Vas

23 April 2017: Celebration of 70th Jubilee of ICYM Mangalore was held at St Anthony Ashram Mangalore.

The celebration began with a thanksgiving mass at 3.30 pm with Most Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza, the Bishop of Mangaluru diocese as the main celebrant along with other priests from the diocese. Then the dignateries were welcomed on to the dais by Fr Ronald DSouza, the director of ICYM Mangalore diocese.

A celebratory stage programme followed the thanksgiving mass. The programmes were organised by members of the ICYM upholding the values of their organisation as also providing entertainment value. The celebration began with prayer dance by ICYM members of Kirem parish to the hymn ‘Keshi varnu tuji mahima’. A song ‘Choli thi zalchi vaath’ was sung as an honour to all the women presidents of ICYM and to all the women by youth.

The dignitaries also released the theme song marking the occasion of 70 years. The song was written by ICYM president Jackson, and composed by Roshan D’souza. The Chorus included Clerita, Ancita, Lavita, Shiney, Rainal, Denzil, Br Suraj.

Speaking on the occasion J R Lobo said,” I congratulate the ICYM members on taking initiatives and setting an example. When youth are given an initiative it strengthens the society. Leading may not necessarily be in politics, but can be in different fields. Leadership comes when people recognise you as the leader for the good deeds that are done by you. While we celebrate, we also need to introspect where we have gone astray. Why have youth not taken initiative in govt sectors? Is this because they desire to go abroad, or lead a simple or luxurious life? I don’t no. Our youth should come ahead to lead from the front. Once they have to join government sectors we can bring change. We need Christians in the government field starting from a peon. We need to think on why we can’t? The training to the youth should be given now, and if these things are set right now we can be more successful. At the verge of 75th jubilee let the youth come together to make the change.”

Bishop addressing the gathering said, “Love towards our people should be developed by our people only.  Our youth can reach the top position. We give them encouragement and training but we don’t want, we need only 9 to 5 job. We don’t have the interest to lead, to achieve. We can’t do anything. As the horse can be taken to the pond, but the horse has to drink it. Let the message reach to all the youth, let’s come out of our comfort zone, let us take initiative to reach out to people and serve them. On the eve of 70 years jubilee I congratulate all the youth and urge to come forward and more leaders arise from the youth.”

Rev Fr. Onil D’Souza, Director, St. Antony Orphanage, Jeppu was the chief guest. Director Rev Fr. Mari Joseph, RYD, Karnataka region; J R Lobo, MLA, Mangaluru South; Ivan DSouza, Chief Whip, Karnataka Legistlative Council; M P Noronha, Secretary, Diocesan Pastoral Parishad; Roy Castelino, Former President, Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Parishad; Austin Prabhu, Ex President and Konkani Writer; Vipin Paul, President, ICYM Karnataka Region were present.

In his address Ivan Dsouza, lamented the reduction in the number of youth participating in the programmes off late as opposed to the full co-operation such programme used to receive earlier adding that we are yet stuck in the blood donation drives, we are stuck in service we have got to go ahead. “How many of us are IAS and how many of us are there? We are best in almost all field except government field. We all want to go home at 5 and nothing more. We have no much representation from Christians. On the completion of 75 years let our people come to serve the people in the fields of government,” he said.

Addressing the gathering Fr Onil said, “Many youth from different places come to visit Mangaluru and ICYM has been a source of information. In the process of 70 years they have presented us 3 water filters through which we can provide water for the inmates and one for the general public. I wish that God bless the youth of ICYM and may God bring forth many more leaders from the organisation.”

Fr Mari Joseph said, “Many people have worked for the movement and we remember and honour them. I congratulate and wish all members of ICYM all the best. It won’t be wrong to say that Mangalore is a corner stone example for the youth of many dioceses. Let this mother diocese and the ICYM unit lead the youth in a greater manner. I thank all the people who have supported me on the mission as the state director. ”

Former President Austin Prabhu in his address said, “Youth means strength. when they show strength only they are to be called the youth. We need to care for the youth like the plants, we have to water and manure them. Citing the example of youth leader Ivan Dsouza, he said, we need more such leaders like him to defend, to lead. The youth need to be supported, we say youth are behind, but why are they lacking. We need to motivate them, support them financially only then they will lead and prove themselves. Let this 70 years bring joy and let many more youth join ICYM. ”

Fr Ronald DSouza in the address said,” This is a small programme which has come out through the efforts of the youth, we are now working towards the 75th jubilee and towards the strength of the youth and ICYM. We together thank the Lord for the grace he showered on us.”

Fayal read the letter of honour which was given in felicitation of Fr Mari Joseph as he completed his service as Regional director. The felicitation was done by the bishop.

Several former Directors, presidents, lady animators were honoured on the occasion for their services. The blood bank that was organised has been successfully running. The donors were honored on the occasion. The dignitaries were welcomed by President Jackson. The programme opened by releasing 70 balloons marked with 70 years logo. The general secretary of ICYM, Ancita D’souza gave a brief idea on the path walked by ICYM through 70 years. A souvenir on this special occasion was released. The programme was compered by past president Alwyn Agrar. Cultural programme by the youth of parishes.

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