Mangaluru: In India two Crore Christian Who have Given One Mother Teresa

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Mangaluru: The Diocesan Catholic Youth Movement in association with the Youth Council Movement staged a protest in front of the DC Office here, on March 4.

Addressing the protesters, Vincent Alva Pambur said that RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat criticised Nobel laureate Mother Teresa who had spent her life in the service of the destitute. “Mother Teresa left her country when she was 18 years old and spent her life to provide service to the poor. Mother Teresa would take lepers who were abandoned by their families. Let anyone show us such a person in this world who can wash the wounds of lepers and treat them with love and affection. Let God forgive and transform whoever criticizes her.”



He further said, “In the entire world, we will not get another Mother Teresa. Why do people blame her? Yes, Mother Teresa has converted the Christians to be good Christians. She converted the Hindus to be good Hindus and Muslims to be good Muslims.”

He further said, “If any student studies in Christian institutions, people say that they have been converted. Hereafter Vincent Alva will not step on the dais. Our religion did not teach us to fight with others. I have great respect for the Hindu religion. I have more Hindu friends than Christian friends. I go to church once a week, I go to the temple twice a week. The Hindu Dharma does does not teach to fight but it teaches to love.”

“Recently, a young girl came to Mangaluru and delivered an inciting speech. She spoke about the need for Hindu women to keep swords with them and slit the throats of those casting evil eyes, and other reportedly objectionable matter in inflammatory language.” He questioned, “Why do girls need to hold swords in their hands? The police in the district are very efficient in providing safety to the people. On that day thousands of innocent people had gathered to listen to her. Being a Sadhvi, she had a golden opportunity to spread love to the huge crowd present. We need to pray for Sadhvi Balika Saraswati to change her mindset and to be transformed into a good human being. Another man, Shri Rama Yadapadithaya joined the group of haters and published derogatory comments on a Facebook page about Jesus. He is not fit to be called Shri Rama; instead, he should be called as Ravana Yadapadithaya. Even Mohan Bhagwat and Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat did not speak against Jesus Christ because they are aware of Jesus Christ and his life. But being a common man, Yadapadithaya commented against Jesus Christ. Let Jesus forgive Yadapadithaya and change his mind.”

While concluding he said, “We do not hate any religion. We created religion for our spiritual identity, but we are all humans. Don’t judge others because then you will not get time to serve others.”


Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin
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