Mangalore Diocesan Commission for Women Hosts Heartfelt Mother’s Day Tribute: Celebrating Single Mothers’ Resilience and Love

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Mangalore, MAY14: The Mangalore Diocese Commission for Women orchestrated a heartening celebration on Mother’s Day, honoring the unwavering dedication and love of single mothers across the region. The event, held at Modankap Church, Bantwal brought together mothers from various parishes, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and appreciation.

The proceedings commenced with a soulful invocation led by Sr. Evelyn Bennis, setting the tone for the day’s festivities. Mrs. Lynette Castelino, exuding warmth and hospitality, ensured the smooth execution of the event, ensuring every guest felt cherished and valued.

Throughout the day, mothers from Deaneries such as Puttur, Vittal, Bantwal, Moodbidri, and Belthangady came together, forging deeper bonds of sisterhood and community. Laughter filled the air as stories were shared, memories were made, and connections were strengthened.

Distinguished guests, including Rev Fr Valerian Dsouza and Mrs. Anita Frank, lauded the organizers for their efforts in celebrating motherhood. Fr. Valerian’s heartfelt tribute emphasized the immeasurable sacrifices mothers make and urged attendees to cherish and pray for them.

Mrs. Anita Frank provided insights into the Commission’s initiatives, shedding light on programs aimed at empowering women and fostering their well-being.

The event also featured enlightening sessions by renowned speakers. Dr. Anjum Iftikar, a specialist in gynecological oncology, emphasized the importance of regular screenings and vaccinations for cervical cancer prevention. Prof. Jasmine Vas shared valuable insights on managing life’s challenges, advocating for self-care and resilience.


The celebration was not just about reflection and empowerment but also about entertainment and appreciation. Mrs. Renisha and her team organized engaging games, while Mrs. Jeshma extended warm greetings to guests. The event concluded with Mrs. Anita Frank delivering a heartfelt vote of thanks, followed by the distribution of prizes and a sumptuous lunch.

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