Promote Goodness in Media : Bishop Peter Paul

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By Fr. Richard DSouza

Sep 28 : “Instead of glorifying the crimes that are taking place in the society, the media should promote the work of people who work for the betterment of the society. In addition to spoiling the family system, fake news affects the health of the society,” opined Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of Mangaluru diocese.

The Bishop was speaking at the interactive session with media at the Sandesha Foundation in the city on Wednesday, September 26.

Continuing his advice to the media, the Bishop said, “Media and journalists are like the two eyes of the society. If they give importance to publishing good thoughts and deeds in the everyday life of the society it will help the community to tread in a path of good virtues,”

“Every religion propagates compassion. For the same reason, Basavanna, in his Vachanas said that compassion is the root of religion. Compassion is called as the gist of the religion. In this context, we have tried to unite administrative officers, political leaders, and educationalists, who take decisions that are beneficial to the society, under one umbrella programme called ‘Bandutva’. This should not become the effort of only one community. Whole society should unite in this noble deed,”

“Media and journalists should not get restricted to the city limits but search for the issues that are prevailing in the extremely backward areas and coordinate to find a solution to such problems. Let us hope that ‘Clean Journalism’ will prevail in the future,”

Fr Nelson D Almeida, director of Sandesha Foundation compered the programme.

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