Rupert Home, Don Renzo Block Inauguration held at Kifaru , Tanzania

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Kifaru , July 27 : The new building for the boys of RUPERT CHILDREN HOME was inaugurated on 25 July , 2020. The new building is named as DON RENZO BLOCK. The program of the day began with Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament. Then the parents / guardians of the children had a session on the Children’s rights and the importance of education. After a good learning session, all gathered to thanksgiving Eucharist for the gift of new building.

The boys dormitory was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Alwyn D’ Souza, the Mission Director and Rev. Fr. Hilary Lobo blessed the new building.

RUPERT CHILDREN HOME project was started in 2018 and the first building was built to accommodate the very poor children. The children of class V, class VI and Class VII stay here and go to the local school. They are given all the facilities to stay; they are guided well and given coaching to excel in studies. Their integral formation is taken care in this home. Both boys and girls were in the same building and now they have separate buildings for boys and girls. Presently they have 46 children in two batches. The two buildings have the facility to accommodate 120 children.

This building is a miracle from God. In this very difficult time , God in his great mercy and love made it possible to complete the work. The building is named DON RENZO block as per the wish of the main donor Mrs. Marilena and her team from Italy.

The next immediate need of the RUPERT CHILDREN HOME is a building for the Kitchen, dining and class rooms to give coaching to the children. Presently the boys have to go to the girls block for the class and eating and girls have to go to the boys block for class and computer learning. Therefore they need a separate block for kitchen, dining and classes.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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