Bridging Technology and Ministry: Seminarians explore AI tools for ministry and pastoral life at St Joseph Seminary, Mangalore

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MANGALORE, JUNE 13, 2024– St Joseph Interdiocesan Seminary, in collaboration with St Joseph Institute of Philosophy and St Joseph Institute of Theology, hosted an innovative one-day AI workshop for seminarians on June 13, 2024, at C. M. Hall, Jeppu. The event, supported by the Canara Communication Centre and the Commission for Social Communication, Diocese of Mangalore, aimed to integrate AI into ministry and pastoral communication. Approximately 150 seminarians, including philosophers, theologians, and seminary formators, explored AI tools for evangelization, proclamation, and personal development.

Resource Persons:

The workshop featured distinguished resource persons, Mr. Leo Victor and Fr. AI Fernandes. Mr. Victor, an AI Evolution Mentor and Digital Media Expert, serves as the Director of Madre Trinity Consulting and Oxidane Enviro LLP. Fr. AI Fernandes, the Director of the Canara Communication Centre, is a seasoned AI Coach and Communication & Media Professional. Their expertise and insights were invaluable in demonstrating the practical applications of AI in the religious and pastoral context.

Feedback from Participants:

Br Rakesh Francis from the Theology section stated, “This workshop has opened my eyes to the vast possibilities of using AI in our pastoral activities.”

Br Joel Lobo from the Theology section highlighted the importance of staying updated with technological advancements, stating, “In an age where digital communication is paramount, understanding AI and its applications is crucial for our future roles in the Church. This workshop provided us with valuable skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly benefit our ministry.”

Workshop Sessions:

The workshop featured three sessions. The first covered AI fundamentals, focusing on models like ChatGPT, Co-Pilot, and Gemini LLMs. The second session demonstrated visual content creation using tools like Canva and Microsoft Designer, including hands-on practice and a Q&A discussion. The final session introduced productivity-enhancing AI tools for both office settings and personal life, concluding with an open-floor discussion.


The AI workshop at St Joseph Interdiocesan Seminary signifies a significant step toward integrating advanced technology into religious education and pastoral care. By equipping seminarians with AI tools and knowledge, the seminary prepares them to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world while staying true to their mission of evangelization and proclamation.

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Director CCC Admin
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