State of the art Isolation renovated ward blest at Father Muller

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Sep 20 : The Father Muller Medical College Hospital has been scaling the ladder of development and keeping itself equipped with the latest in technology keeping in mind the comfort in patient care. With the increasing demands of the Regulatory Bodies for the creation of negative pressure isolation rooms for potentially infective cases or for those having decreased immunity the hospital embarked in creating a state of the art block with all the latest facilities.

As per the traditions of the hospital the Director Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho blest the renovated wards in presence of the Management team and the doctors and staff on Monday 20 September 2021. Hailing this as a gift of the institution to every citizen in the region the Director echoed the sentiments of the institutions at large “magnification of God’s glory in treating the sick”. Fr Rudolph Ravi D’sa Administrator of the hospital and his team of Assistant Administrators Fr Jeevan Sequeira and Fr Nelson Pais saw to it that every detailing and requirements met not only medical board standards but that also of the NABH.

Isolating patients in isolation rooms or isolation wards is one of the most important extended Hospital Infection Control measures, because spatial isolation offers a higher level of protection against the transmission of communicable diseases to non-colonised or non-infected patients. This also applies to the treatment of immune suppressed patients: potentially infectious patients and those at risk of acquiring an infection are accommodated at a spatial distance that is large enough.

Isolation refers to separation of individuals who are ill/suspected or confirmed of any infectious disease. All suspect cases detected in the containment/buffer zones (till a diagnosis is made), will be hospitalized and kept in isolation in a designated facility till such time they are tested negative. For contact isolation this may include a gown, sheets or dressings to surface wounds; these patients are transferred to a Standard Pressure or Protective Environment Isolation room – For respiratory isolation the patient is dressed in a mask, gown and covered in sheets; these patients are accommodated in a Negative Pressure Isolation Room – For quarantine isolation the patient may be transported in a fully enclosed transport cell or isolator with a filtered air supply and exhaust; these patients are accommodated in a high level quarantine isolation suite.

A negative air pressure isolation facility along with HEPA filters and UV lights in hospitals is an essential requirement for robust infection control in airborne diseases.

The hospital has a Hospital Infection Control Committee (HICC) which has been much appreciated in the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) whose inspection was held recently.

The Block in which the isolation beds are also houses the 15 beds Cardiac general ward and a 4 beds step down burns unit. The Father Muller Medical College Hospital is known for burns care (BICU) in the region and has a state of the art burns unit (S-BICU) for which now step-down beds have been added to help patients recover faster and better. The renovated Cardiac General Beds will give a comfortable stay for patients availing cardiac care. This is proof of the charitable nature of the hospital in providing accessible, affordable and quality care in a patient centric environment.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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