Upskilling teachers regularly is the need of the hour: Fr Antony Shera

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MANGALURU, MAY 2: “To fulfill the learning demands and needs, teachers must be able to upskill themselves so that they can guide students in a progressively rapid world,” said, Rev. Fr Antony Shera, Secretary, The Catholic Board of Education (CBE), at the concluding programme of the 5-days course on Communicative English for the English Medium Teachers held at Padua Educational Institutions recently.

“Teachers are laying foundation in the life of the children. For the well-rounded development of students, they require the correct guidance and support. This is where a good teacher plays a very crucial role in providing quality education. The course was designed in this regard,” said Fr Shera.


CBE had organised a week’s course on Communicative English for the English Medium Teachers of DK in two batches which began on April 17, 2023. The second batch attended the same between April 24-28.


Around 500 English medium teachers from the district participated in this upskill programme.


Mrs Usha from St Lawrence School, Bondel said, “The training gave us a lot of exposure to meet and interact with teachers from other institutions. We have upgraded ourselves and we feel confident to communicate effectively in our environment.”


Mrs Shoby Francis from Rosario Eng. Med School said, “The course was well organised and systematically planned. The resource team was highly engaging and helpful. Training of this sort is needed regularly.”

Dr Anup Denzil Veigas, Department of English, St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru headed the resource team.

Mrs Joanne Sheethal, Lecturer in English, St Agnes PU College, and  Mrs Pramila D’Souza, Lecturer in English, St Agnes College, Mangaluru and St Aloysius College lecturers Mural and Daina  were among the resource team.

Report : Fr Anil Fernandes, CCC

Pics by: Vijay Omzoor

Vijay Dsouza
Vijay Dsouza

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