Vaccination Overdrive at Father Muller’s

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21 June 2021 witnessed sites unprecedented with an overwhelming number of Father Muller Medical College Hospital well-wishers thronging the Father Muller Convention Centre for their COVID -19 jabs. The last count of 700 at 3pm closing time of the vaccination was re-sounding with success at the efforts put in by the management in rolling out the vaccines to the public of Mangaluru.

In preparation for this day a dry run was carried out on 19 June 2021 with 300 in-house staff to find and correct glitches in the process so as to cause minimum inconvenience to the public. The management left no stone unturned to provide a hassle free and pain free experience.

The public were surprised with the fast paced coordinated vaccine drive in the comforts of the air conditioned halls. Comments galore poured in from all quarters praising the efficiency and good experience.

The day was blest by the Bishop of Mangalore and President of Father Muller Charitable Institutions, praying to God to protect those who serve the sick and God’s grace to end the pandemic. He blest all the various stations and talked with the staff team encouraging them for their services rendered. He was guided by the Director FMCI, Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho who welcomed those already in the queue and thanked his Administrators for carrying out the meticulous arrangements. He stressed the fact that the central government has done a great deed by providing vaccines free and at the same time allowing private hospitals also to partake in the national drive by procuring and providing the vaccine at a reasonable pricing. Vaccination at this moment is a must and need of the hour to stave off this pandemic.

The day ran like a well oiled machine with the happy face of those who received vaccines leaving gleefully. Visual reinforcement of strict pandemic protocol was done with TVstandee showing the needful. Well arranged visitor’s area, reception area, vaccination and post vaccination rooms, cafeteria, counselling area were perfectly steered by Fr Ajith Menezes and team. Great day where expectations rose above and beyond for all.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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