Diocesan Women’s Commission Hosts Training Session for Parish Convenors

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MANGALURU, SEPT 11: The Commission for Women, Mangalore Diocese, organized a transformative one-day training and educational session on Sunday, September 10, 2023, at Shanti Kiran Bajjodi, bringing together women representatives from diverse parishes.

The event commenced with a heartfelt prayer service, with Mrs Anita DSa, the Women’s Commission Secretary, extending a warm welcome to all attendees. Mrs Anitha Lobo, a core committee member, conducted the session as the compere for the day.

Rev. Fr Rupesh Madtha, Secretary of the Commission for Ecumenism and the Editor of Rakno Weekly, inaugurated the session with an inspiring speech. He emphasized the invaluable contributions of women in both household and societal realms, emphasizing gender equality and women’s remarkable achievements. Rev. Fr Rupesh Madtha also led a thought-provoking group discussion where participants shared their knowledge and insights.

Dr Rose Veera, Dean and Professor at St. Aloysius College, delivered an empowering talk titled ‘You Are Precious.’ Dr Veera underscored the vital role of women as creators and nurturers of relationships while stressing the importance of personal development and success in various fields for women. 

Rev. Fr Faustine, the coordinator of the Pastoral Commission, provided insights into the commission’s functioning and highlighted the significant role played by the Women’s Commission in local churches.

The day’s proceedings also included a holy Eucharist celebration, followed by a delectable lunch. The valedictory session, presided over by Rev. Fr Santhosh Rodrigues, Director of Shanti Kiran Bajjodi, commended the coordinators of the Pastoral Commission and the Secretary of the Women’s Commission for their successful organization of the event. Mrs Lynette, a core committee member and Mrs Jeshma Dsouza, the Joint Secretary of the Women’s Commission,  extended a vote of thanks to conclude the enlightening session.

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