Mangalore’s Canara Communication Centre Shines in AI Education – Plans Ongoing Workshops

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MANGALORE, JAN 31: Canara Communication Centre (CCC), the distinguished Communication and Media centre of the Diocese of Mangalore, renowned for its commitment to media education and training, recently unveiled a highly anticipated workshop focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Following the success of its inaugural workshop in December 2023, the second edition garnered significant attention, proving to be both in-demand and interactive.

The event featured esteemed resource persons, with Mr Leo Victor Zalki, an AI Evolution Mentor and Director of Oxidane Technologies Pvt Ltd, providing valuable expertise in navigating the evolving landscape of AI technology. Rev. Fr Anil Ivan Fernandes, a media professional, AI guide, and Director of Canara Communication Centre, contributed a tech-savvy approach and profound insights, enriching discussions with his deep understanding of technology and education.

During the workshop, both resource persons underscored AI’s transformative role in daily life. They covered topics such as conversational ChatGPT with helpful prompts in content creation, the integration of Canva as a design tool with AI, training on Text-to-Image, Text-to-voice and Text-to-Video generating AI tools, and the application of AI in creating quick PowerPoint presentations in seconds. Emphasis was also placed on ethical AI integration for enhanced productivity and responsible implementation in various contexts and workplaces.

Enthusiastic appreciation poured in from the diverse participant pool of around 30 individuals, representing educational institutions, religious institutions, health professionals, NGOs, press, publications, and college students.

Participants lauded the workshop’s impact, with Sr Nancy Mathias, Assistant Professor of Father Muller College of Nursing, expressing, “The workshop exceeded my expectations, providing valuable insights for my teaching and other ministries.”

Sr Lolita Periera, Headmistress of Rosa Mystica High School, Gurpur, remarked, “Today’s workshop has built confidence in me, proving that I can do many things on my own, particularly in content creation and media production. I am eager to share this knowledge for increased productivity.”

Fr Edwin Pinto from Manjeshwar Church shared, “I have gained a lot from this one-day workshop, and I look forward to more such sessions for broader participation.”

Fr Ivan, a Capuchin priest, humbly admitted, “I was overconfident about my knowledge of artificial intelligence, but this workshop made me realize how much more there is to learn.”

Mrs Meena Barboza, a church communicator, expressed gratitude, stating that she learned many valuable things during the workshop.

Austin Dsouza, a college student, summed up the experience, saying, “The workshop was truly exceptional, condensing what would typically take a month into a single day. The content deepened my understanding of AI.”

All participants were honoured with Certificates of Participation.

Fr Anil Fernandes siad, “Canara Communication Centre has set the ambitious goal of hosting at least one AI workshop every month this year. Additionally, some educational institutions have already booked one-day workshops to empower their staff with AI education. During the summer holidays, we plan to conduct similar workshops exclusively tailored for youth, children, and school teachers. The aim is to provide an immersive learning experience and equip participants with valuable AI knowledge.”

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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