Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha pays homage to Felix Albuquerque, says, “He was a person with total heart for the Church”

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Photos and Report by Fr Anil Fernandes, CCC


MANGALURU, AUG 16: Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha paid homage to Felix Albuquerque (67) who passed away on Saturday, August 14, 2021 and condoled with the grieving family at Rosario Cathedral before the funeral service held today.

“Mr Albuquerque was a helping hand in the administration of the Church. His guidance and direction in taking a new move in the diocese was always commendable. He was a person with total heart for the Church and served the parish and the diocese in various capacities and contributed his expertise for the betterment of the Church”, Said Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha.


Bishop gratefully acknowledged the selfless service rendered by Flix and recounted all the fond memories with him during his tenure as Bishop. “He was a simple man, yet highly religious. He was very affectionate and available to lend his service with a smiling face. We miss him and bid him farewell” said Bishop Peter.

Felix Albuquerque had lent his active service in the dioceses of Mangalore, Udupi and Gulbarga. He was the member of the Finance Committee of Mangalore Diocese for a long term, Member of Administrative Board of Fr Muller Institutions and St Joseph Engineering College, Vamanjaoor. Presently, he was the Finance Committee member of Rosario Cathedral and St Antony Ashram, Jeppu.

Mr Felix Albuquerque leaves behind his wife Louella, daughter Anisha/Nikil, mother Greta and Granddaughter Talia.

Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore
Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore
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