Distribution of books to the students in Kifaru Parish of Same Diocese in Tanzania

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News & Photos: Fr Joseph Rodrigues

Jan 14: Students of poor families of Kifaru Parish of Same Diocese in Tanzania were given Note Books on 13, January 2019.

As the children start their new academic year, to motivate them and support their education books were distributed in all the Sub stations.  After giving books to the children the priests made a special prayer to the children and gave them blessings to study well and grow in wisdom and love of God.


In Kifaru 49, in Kileo substation 55, in Kivisini substation 14, in Kalimani substation 66 and in Jipe substation 40 students were given books.  As few students who study in boarding schools had already gone to their schools, the books were given in hands of their parents.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin
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