Mithesh D’Souza Alangar Elected as President of ICYM Mangalore Diocese for 2023-24

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Mangalore, July 2, 2023 – Mithesh D’Souza Alangar emerged victorious in the elections for the position of President of the ICYM Mangalore Diocese for the year 2023-24. The election process commenced with a Holy Eucharistic ceremony, led by Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza, the Principal of Lourdes Central School Bejai, and Rev. Fr Ashwin Lohith Cardoza, the Director of ICYM Mangalore Diocese, at the Rosario Cathedral in Mangalore. Subsequently, the Annual General Body Meeting took place at the Rosario Cathedral Hall, witnessing the presence of various key members.

The proceedings commenced with a prayer by Delitia Asumptha Periera, the Lady Vice President, followed by a divine invocation by Rev. Fr Ashwin Lohith Cardoza. The meeting was presided over by Mr Anil John Sequiera, the President of ICYM Mangalore Diocese. Welcoming the attendees, Anil John Sequiera set the stage for the session. Nishal Preemal D’Souza, the General Secretary, presented the report of the previous year’s Annual Meeting, while Frayal Cross, the Treasurer, presented the annual income and expenditure. The General Secretary, Nishal Preemal D’Souza, concluded the session with a vote of thanks, culminating in the rendition of the ICYM theme song.


Under the supervision of Rev. Fr Vijay Victor Lobo and the Election Commission of Mangalore Diocese, the election for the 2023-24 office bearers was conducted with the assistance of Rev. Fr Kenneth Crasta, Rev. Fr Paul D’Souza, Rev. Fr Denzil Lobo, and the deacons. The contestants for the position of President were Mithesh D’Souza, Alangar and Winston Joel Sequeira, Hospet, while Nisha Ankitha D’Souza, Cordel and Wilma Viyola Lobo, Kokkada vied for the role of General Secretary. Additionally, Anisha Fernandes, Surathkal and Maxi Rostan D’Souza, Bela competed for the post of Joint Secretary. The election saw the active participation of 108 units, which cast their votes. Ultimately, Mithesh D’Souza, Alangar was elected as the President, Wilma Viyola Lobo as the General Secretary, and Anisha Fernandes, Surathkal as the Joint Secretary for the year 2023-24. Other office bearers, including Delwin D’Souza, Maniyampare as Vice President, Lavisha Daisy D’Souza, Salethur as Lady Vice President, Sushanth Samson Fernandes, Arva as Treasurer, and Jaison D’Souza, Fajir as Auditor, were unanimously elected.

Later in the evening, a valedictory ceremony was organized, featuring the handing over of responsibilities to the newly elected Diocesan Youth Office Bearers and the administration of the oath of office. The event was graced by the presence of the Vicar General, Msgr Lawrence Maxim Noronha, Mr Vincent Mascarenhas of Moodbidri, Rev. Fr Ashwin Lohith Cardoza, and all the DEXCO members. Mr Vincent Mascarenhas was honored for his selfless service of 33 years towards ICYM. Msgr Maxim Noronha commended the excellent work performed by the DEXCO members and extended his congratulations to the newly elected office bearers.

 Nishal Preemal D’Souza presented the annual report for the year 2022-23.


During the event, tokens of appreciation were presented to the past DEXCO members and Central Council members. Additionally, recently married couples who were former DEXCO members were felicitated for their achievements. Delitia Asumptha Periera extended a warm welcome to all attendees, and Nishal Preemal D’Souza expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement received. The program was skillfully conducted by Jaison Vittal, and various activities were organized for the participants by Jaison Lawrence Crasta and Viola Reshma Lewis. The day concluded with a rendition of the ICYM theme song, marking a celebratory end to the proceedings.


The ICYM Mangalore Diocese looks forward to a prosperous tenure under the leadership of President Mithesh D’Souza Alangar and the newly elected office bearers, as they continue to serve the youth community with utmost dedication and commitment.


Report by:

Philomena Fernandes

PRO-ICYM Mangalore Diocese 2022-23

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin

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