Local Sponsors take interest in sponsoring needy families!

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Oct 11 : The Family Sponsorship Programme initiated by CODP during World Day of the Poor 2017 is gaining momentum. Philanthropists Mrs Sylvia and Mr Vincent DSilva had visited some of the needy families along with the Director of CODP Fr Oswald Monteiro on 22nd August 2018.

After studying their situation directly, they (Mr & Mrs DSilva) mobilized a few of their relatives to come forward to help the needy.

On 7th October 2018, eight of the beneficiaries were invited to CODP for a small gathering. Fr Oswald Monteiro led the prayer and thereafter welcomed the guests and beneficiaries. Mr Vincent, Mrs Sylvia, Mr Charles Goveas and Mrs Olinda Goveas were present. Mrs Sylvia DSliva addressed the beneficiaries and asked them to come up in life by utilizing the money in education of their children and also asked to write to benefactors during Christmas. Mr Charles and Mrs Olinda Goveas gave away the cheques to beneficiaries. It was already agreed upon that the help would be directly given to the beneficiaries instead of through CODP.

Mrs Irene, one of the beneficiaries, proposed the Vote of Thanks.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin
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