Mangalore Diocese YCS Celebrates ‘Share – Care September 2018’ with Devotion and Emphathy

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Oct 10, 2018 : At the background of the Year of Rosary in the diocese of Mangalore the Young Catholic Students (YCS) members all over the diocese celebrated ‘Share- Care September 2018.’ Accordingly the teenagers along with unit directors and animators of 65 Parishes cared for the sickly/elderly and shared the little resources that they have. The activity took place in different parishes on different days of September, the month we celebrate the birth day of Mother Mary.

The slogan was ‘We not only PLAY but also PRAY.’ Great unity and enthusiasm was seen among the teenagers (PUC level) as they visited the families of the sick and elderly people. They recited the Rosary and prayed for them and their family members; they sought blessings from the elders; they listened to their painful stories, their difficulties and shared good vibes as they put a smile on their faces. As a token of love Rosary, fruits and gifts were given by the youth to the sick and elderly. In many parishes the parish priests, ward members and others joined the teenagers.



This act helped the youth to understand their own sick and elderly Parish members. They learnt to empathies with them. It was an overwhelming and enriching experience where the youth learned to build a better society by being united and inculcating the YCS motto of SEE, JUDGE and ACT.’ They learnt values of respecting every individual and to love and care for the sick and elderly not only in their homes but also in their society. For it is in Giving that we receive. The youth have cherished memories in hearts that would help them grow.

Rev Rupesh Madtha the diocesan Director for YCS/YSM, Ms Ashvia Anna Lasrado the diocesan President, Mr Prajwal Sequeira the diocesan Animator, Mr Mervin Vas the diocesan Coordinator, along with the Central Council members guided the whole event with life examples.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin
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