Mangalore Bishop visits KambiaSimba Outstation of Kifaru Parish, Tanzania

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April 9 :  On 21st of March 2019 during his maiden visit to Same Mission in Tanzania, Mangalore Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha visited KambiaSimba outstation of Kifaru Parish, Mwanga, Tanzania. Parishioners of KambiaSimba church welcomed the bishop with singing the hymns at the small market place and proceeded to the prayer service area which is arranged under the tree shadow. Fr. Vincent Monteiro, Parish priest Fr. Hilary Lobo and all other priests of mission accompanied the bishop.

In the beginning Fr. Hilary started the prayer service and then bishop blessed the parishioners with Holy water and exchanged the peace with all by shaking their hands and laying hand over their heads. In his address bishop spoke about God’s mercy and love. Then Fr. Hilary gave the sacrament of anointing of the sick to 3 elderly people, and bishop blessed them with the Holy water. Fr. Joseph thanked bishop and other priests on behalf of the parishioners. At the end bishop gave his blessings.

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