Mangaluru : Ten NGOs submit memorandum to Chairman of Karnataka Christian Development Council on the discriminatory letter

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Media Release

Mangaluru, July 16 : Jeevadhan Charitable Trust Kaikamba, Sneha Sadan Kinnikambla Kaikamba, Olavina Halli Rehabilitaion centre and Social Development centre Kinya, Mount Rosary Charitable Institutions Alangar, Marialam Social Centre Nooji Balthila Kadaba, St Joseph Prashanth Nivas Jeppu, White Doves Niddel Kulshekar, Asha Bhavan Charitable Trust Ichilampadi, St Anthony’s Charity Institutes Jeppu and U.C. Paulos – Seon Ashram Trust Gandibagilu are the ten NGOs who received a letter (on 03-07-2020) from Minority District Officer D.K. District. The letter states that the Christian NGOs have been helped from Christian Development Fund. Hence the NGOs have to admit the persons recommended by the District Officer. The issue will be considered with a serious note if the above mentioned NGOs fail to give admission to people recommended by the District Officer.

The District Administration had instructed the NGOs not to admit anybody until further notice as Covid-19 is spreading every where and the new admissions could affect the existing inmates. Accordingly the NGOs followed the District Administration’s instruction. Further to the instruction, the District Administration has been doing daily monitoring. Meanwhile the District Officer asked one of the NGOs to admit one person. When informed about the written instruction from the District Administration, the District Officer was asking the NGO orally to admit the person in spite of the written instruction from the District Administration. When the request was not met (the request is in contradiction of District Administration) the District Officer issued a letter on 03-07-2020.

The above mentioned NGOs on 15-07-2020 met and brought to the notice of Shri Joylus D’Souza, the Chairman of Christian Development Council the following points –

a) There are many other NGOs in the district who are receiving similar funds from the Government but the letter is issued only to the Christian NGOs.

b) The above mentioned NGOs have been serving the poorest of the poor for decades and some even for more than a century. The beneficiaries of the service have been the last and least of the society.

c) The NGOs have been admitting and taking care of the people irrespective caste, creed and religion. Hence, though the NGOs treat people equally without discrimination, the letter of the District Officer treats Christian NGOs with discrimination.

d) The tone of the letter suggests warning and threat which is unacceptable. The warning in the letter is an imposition on the NGOs. The NGOs also brought to the notice of the Chairman the difficulties they have to go through while sending the application and more so at the time of receiving the funds which are sanctioned and released by the Development Council.

The heads of all the NGOs participated in the meeting with the Chairman. Ms Corrine Rasquinha felicitated Mr Joylus with a bouquet of flowers as it was for the first time the NGOs met him after he was made the Chairman of Christian Development Council. Fr Onil D’Souza, the director of St Anthony’s Charity Institutes welcomed and thanked all for the active participation.

Mr Joylus accepted the memorandum given by Fr Onil D’Souza and Sr Dorothy on behalf of the NGOs and promised to look into the matter.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin
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