Papal Ambassador for India Launches Catholic Worship Software

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There has never been any Catholic presentation software in the entire world. With the guidance and support of Bishop of Mangalore, ‘Team Ephphatha’ that consist of four young Catholic priests and M P Noronha,secretary of Pastoral Council of Mangalore diocese,have developed first Catholic version of Presentation Software.

The first ever Catholic worship software was launched by Papal ambassador for India and Nepal,Dr Salvatore Pennacchioon on 27 November at  the occasion of dedication of Shrine of John Paul II at Bajpe, Mangaluru.

It is the first software developed for worship and presentations in the Catholic Church and it contains all the 73 books of the Bible in three languages like Konkani, Kannada and English. The software has unique features like Bible word search, overlay scroll bar, liturgical contents etc. This is the first catholic software to get permission from Ignatius Press, California and Harper Collins Publishers, San Francisco.

The website of this software was inaugurated by Bishop Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza during the same occassion.

Fr Vishal Monis, team Coordinator for Ephphatha, M P Noronha and Prakash Lobo, the software designer, were present during the launching.

Later Team Ephphatha met Apostolic Nuncio Dr Salvatore Pennaccio at the Bishop’s House in Mangaluru to brief on the new software.


Today many things have become digital. There is nothing untouched by the digital media. To move with the pace of the world and to make our worship in Catholic Church appealing to the present day generation we need to digitalize our Liturgy and Worship.

Isn’t it Today’s Need?

Everything in this world has place in digital media and software world. In this regard we ought to develop an Application for our church Worship and Liturgy. Today many Churches are using LCD screen or TV presentations. We do lots of presentations to our people without proper use of media and technology. Catholic Church does not have software which supports our Sunday Liturgy and Catholic Church presentations. Even though most Retreat preachers use presentation facilities there are no software supporting their needs as well. So it is a high time that we have Catholic Presentation software. We need proper presentation gadgets for our church presentations.

Why Catholic Worship Software?

There are many worship and presentation software programs available in the market which costs more than twenty five thousand rupees. But most of these software programs are Protestants. The Bible versions used in it are not Catholic. Secondly our need is Eucharist and worship based material which will not be provided by the other protestant or commercial based presentation software. So Catholic Worship software looks into the need of approved Catholic Bible, Liturgy, Eucharistic Celebration and Catholic Content in it.

What are the primary Features of this Catholic Worship Software?

• Church Presentation program where a computer window will have a secondary monitor output window for display purpose. Secondly you could continue working in the computer without disrupting the presentation on the screen.
• Konkani, Kannada and English Bible with Catholic Versions. We use RSV- SCE (Lectionary Version Approved for India) and NRSV English Bibles
• Konkani, Kannada and English Hymns
• Sunday readings with Psalms
• Media files playing facility with Power Point and Word importing facility
• Daily Prayers, Rosary Prayers, other Catholic Prayers ready for display
• Bible Word search option and Overlay scroll bar

Who is this Team Catholic Worship?

The team working behind this production of software is Four Catholic Priests of Diocese of Mangalore ordained in the year 2011 ( Fr Vishal Monis, Fr George Crasta, Fr Sunil Pinto, Fr Clifford Pinto) and M P Noronha, Charismatic Catholic and a well known lawyer in the Diocese of Mangalore.

Who is the designer Team?

This software is fruit of eleven months work. The software designer is Pacesoft Technologies, Mangalore.

Is it First initiative in the Catholic Church?

Yes. In all sincere searches we feel this software is a first in Catholic Church. Certain catholic churches use presentation software which is not designed for our Liturgy, Eucharist and Worship. In the field of presentation and also with regard to the authentic Bible version ‘Ephphatha Catholic Worship Software’ is first in the Catholic Church.


We name this software as ‘EPHPHATHA’ (Mark 7:34). At Baptism every Catholic is blessed to open up for the WORD OF GOD. As a Baptism call it would help us to proclaim the WORD OF GOD at liturgy, Prayer Services, Retreats as well as for the individuals in their homes.

What is first in Catholic Worship?

· First Software with approved Catholic Bible version

· First application with Bible Word Search option in a presentation software

· First Software with all books of the Bible

· First software which contains vernacular languages like Konkani and Kannada

· First software with overlay scroll bar

· First Indian based software to attain permission from Ignatius Press, California and Harper Collins Publishers, San Francisco.


First software with Liturgical Year features

How does it help?

· It helps you have any presentations in a more attractive manner

· In power point presentations you are to prepare every slide and you do not have control over the prepared program. But in Catholic Worship you can have any presentation with a better hold over the screen. Because it works in a secondary window.

· Any quotations from the Bible when quoted it would appear in the peoples screen just by typing the verse number.

· It will also help in Bible study.

· You can prepare, schedule and present at any liturgical celebrations, Bible classes or any other presentations.

· In any computer presentation you can avoid distracting people with the use of this software.

The website of this software:

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin
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