Sandesha Awards 2021-2022: Meena Rebimbus, Avithas Adalphus Cutinha (Dolla), Melvyn Rodrigues, Alwyn Noronha among awardees; Amar Konkani journal honoured; full list

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The awards are given in various disciplines such as art, literature, education, music, journalism and social service.

Report by Fr Anil Fdes, Pics by Stanly Bantwal

MANGALURU; FEB 22: As many as 16 achievers and institutions were presented with the prestigious State Level ‘Sandesha Awards’ 2020-21 and 2021-22 in recognition of their achievements in different fields at the grand award ceremony held at the Sandesha Foundation for Culture and Education premises in Bajjodi, Mangalore on the evening of February 22, 2022.

Most Rev. Dr Henry D’Souza, president, Sandesha Foundation and Bishop of Ballari Diocese presided over the programme. Dr P Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya, the vice chancellor of Mangalore University was the chief guest. Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha; Rev. Fr Francis Assisi Almeida, Director of Sandesha and Sandesha Trustees Dr Valerian Rodrigues and Mr Roy Castelino joined the dignitaries for conferring the awards.

A Star-Packed List of 16 Winners as follows:

Sandesha Awardees 2021

Sandesha Literature Award (Kannada) – Mr Baraguru Ramachandrappa
Sandesha Literature Award (Konkani) – Amar Konkani
Sandesha Literature Award (Tulu) – Dr Sunitha Shetty
Sandesha Media Award – Mr Nagesh Hegde
Sandesha Konkani Music Award – Ms Meena Rebimbus
Sandesha Art Award – Mr Avithas Adolphus Cutinha (Dolla)
Sandesha Education Award – Dr Lakshman Saab Chauri
Sandesha Special Award – Samarthanam Trust

Sandesha Awardees 2022

Sandesha Literature Award (Kannada) – Mr Rahmath Tarikere
Sandesha Literature Award (Konkani) –Mr Melvyn Rodrigues
Sandesha Literature Award (Tulu) – Mr B K Gangadar Kirodian
Sandesha Media Award – Dr T C Poornima
Sandesha Konkani Music Award –Mr Alwyn Noronha
Sandesha Art Award – Mr Kasaragod Chinna
Sandesha Education Award – Dr P K Rajashekar
Sandesha Special Award – S Ragunath

Responding to the awards, Dr T.C. Poornima, achiever of Sandesha Media and Journalism Award said, “Sandesha has recognised and awarded the achievers from all walks of life and from different parts of the state without looking into caste, creed and religion.” She said that the unnoticed and strenuous work of all the jury also must be appreciated without fail for judiciously sorting out the list of awardees. She said, “This honour has elated my spirit to work more in the field I am recognized with”, she added.

Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of Mangalore in his address, said, “Our true richness lies in coming together as one community. The Society we live in gets transformed when each one utilises the gift received from God in the service of humanity.”

In his presidential address Most Rev. Dr Henry D’Souza, president of Sandesha Foundation Bishop of Bellari Diocese said, “Living for others and working towards the welfare of the society is the greatest religion.” He greeted all the awardees for their work of love in their respective fields. “Your achievement is a great example for all of us”, the bishop added.

The members of the jury Dr Valerian Rodrigues, Dr B S Talwadi, Dr Na Da Shetty, Ms Concepta Alva, Ms Chandrakala Nandavar and Mr Mohammed Baddur were felicitated on the occasion.

Rev. Fr Francis Assisi Almeida, Director of Sandesha Foundation welcomed the dignitaries. Mr Roy Castelino, trustee and convener of Sandesha awards thanked all the gathered ones.

Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore
Webmaster: Diocese of Mangalore

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