St Mother Teresa statue installed

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Sep. 09, 2016: As Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa as a saint of Catholic Church, the parishioners of Pakshikere honored her with the procession of her statue from Pakshikere town to Pakshikere church On 4 September 2016.

At Pakshikere town the parish priest Rev. Fr. Andrew Leo D’souza conducted a short prayer service in Kannada and briefed the people regarding the great personality of Mother Teresa. He said Mother Teresa is known to the whole world because of her service to the marginalize and poorest of the poor Irrespective of casted creed and religion. She had already reached to heaven today is the official declaration of this fact. Let us rejoice in it and honor this great saint mother Teresa and invoke her blessings on all of us.

After reaching procession to the church campus the statue of mother Teresa was installed in a beautiful grotto prepared for her. And children offered flower to mother Mary and Mother Teresa. After the novena of Infant Mary  proceeded to the church for the holy mass. The mass was offered by Fr. Richard Sequeira.

After the mass there was breakfast for all served by Mother Teresa ward as they celebrated their ward day. As a lasting memory of Mother Teresa two beautiful trees were planted in the church campus by two of senior citizens of sacred heart ward Mrs. Teresa Sequeira and Mr. Charles D’souza.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin
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