Meet for Peace at St Thomas School Alangar

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News Report & Pics : Fr Kenneth Crasta


Pope Francis’ Call to pray for Peace: An intereligious prayer at St Thomas School Alangar

Sept 20, 2016: The Management of St Thomas Institutions organised a time for the “Prayer for Peace” as called by the Holy Father Pope Francis. Religious leaders from different faiths graced this occasion hosted by Fr Basil Vas and team. The Students led a beautiful prayer service which involved reading of sacred texts from various religions and reflecting on them. Among the dignitaries present were, Sri Sri Sri Ishwar Bhat, chief priest Mahalingeshwara Temple Alangar, Mr Muniraj Renjal, Headmaster of Jain High School Moodbidri, Mr Mohammed Ali Abbas, proprietor Abbas Mills, Mr P. K. Thomas, Municipality President, Srs Helen Goveas and Irene Tauro, Heads of St Thomas Institutions, Fr Basil Vas, Correspondent and Parish Priest Holy Rosary Church Alangar and Fr Kenneth Crasta.

The cry for peace echoed in every persons speech. Sri Sri Sri Ishwar Bhat said, we pray everyday saying “nityam lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu”, meaning May all beings in the world become happy peace, peace and peace be everywhere, it is time to  live it. Mr Abbas said that as food clothing and shelter are basic human needs so is peace and a peaceful society is the basic need of the day. Mr Renjal said that as health is an important part in ones life so is peace, therefore let us follow the golden rule common to every religion, ‘Do unto others what you would want them to do to you.’ Fr Basil summed up everything reminding the need of peace and the greatness of St Francis of Assisi whose hymn – “Make me a channel of your peace”, should be a prayer in everyone’s heart.

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