The real knowledge is nothing but making one’s mind steady: Bishop Aloysius Paul D’Souza

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With the wholehearted participation of the students, staff, members and office-bearers of Alumni Association and Parents’ Teachers’ Association, the annual day of the P U College was celebrated in a grand way worth remembering for a long time to come. Most Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza, bishop of Mangaluru Diocese and  President of C B E, Mangaluru presided.

In his presidential message, the bishop eloquently declared that a school is the temple of education, that stands on three pillars which are information, all round personality development and transformation. He also said that the personality development depends on creator that is, God, pro-creator that is parents and co-creator that is the teacher, and it is these three that contributes greatly to one’s personality.

“The real knowledge is nothing but making one’s mind steady and strong to withstand the turmoil in life by pursuing the moral values and dedicating oneself for the welfare of the other. Education should draw out hidden talents. Simply learning how to read and write is not the education but it is one that has to make one culturally strong. Love, truth and moral and human values are not the exclusive properties of any religion. These are the days of keeping everything clean. Our home, our college and above all our mind!” Mos Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza added.

He advised to the parents and teachers to give the children whatever they legitimately needed as the future of our children is in our hands in shaping them into citizens who will love this country. He concluded his message by conveying X’mas greetings to all.

The chief guest, Most Rev Dr Francis Serrao, S J the Bishop of Shimoga Diocese who delivered his message first, candidly stated that he feels proud and honoured to stand before the institution where he had studied almost four decades ago. He accepted that he does not remember what he had studied here, or more about his class-mates or the teachers. He said all that he had learnt those days was to serve God and render service wholeheartedly to other people. He also explained that for a child, its home is the school, mother’s lap is the bench and the relationship between the father and mother is the first lesson.

“If the relationship is good and cordial, the child will blossom into a good and independent person. I had asked the principal of the college how many shields and trophies have been bagged by this college. He gave me the number and quite a few of them are rusted also. But I can see from here 650 shields (all students) before me, who can reach any heights!” Fr Dr Francis Serrao added.

In the Sanmaana Patra presented to Fr Dr Francis Serrao, a glittering mention has been made about his constructing and donating 2000 homes to the economically backward homeless families without any bar of class, creed or community.

Another chief guest Hemacharya, the editor in chief Daiji-World English Weekly, Mangaluru who is also an alumnus of this college, recalling his days in the College said, “As a student I used to write news on the wall-paper here that finally led me to journalism and also the teaching profession to impart knowledge in Banking and Finance”. He remembered the teachers who encouraged and motivated him during his student days at Pompei college.

During the ceremony, both Bishop Serrao and Hemacharya were felicitated with memento, citation, shawl and fruits.

Before the ceremony formally began, the guests were welcomed in the traditional way with “poorna-kumbha” carried by girl students colourfully dressed. The programme began with a prayer dance saluting the lord almighty in tune with a Konkani Song, “Vandan Tuka Soamya” . After the floral tributes were offered to the guests by Fr Paul Pinto, correspondent, Pompei Institutions, the principal of the college, Fr Jerome D’Souza read out the report highlighting the overall performance of the college, covering curricular and extracurricular activities. In the PUC March 2014 public examinations, the college had a 92.64 pass percentage and in SSLC March, 2014, 87% of the total students passed. The present strength of the College is 517 students in the higher classes and 131 students in lower classes. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by Winniefred D’Souza

Befitting the occasion, a colourful commemoration volume, “Jnana Deepti” was released. After the formal programme, the students, alumni members and the members of the Parent Teacher Association, presented a variety-entertainment programme much to the delightment of all.

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