Three Years for Mangalore Africa Mission at SAME

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21st July 2016 was the 3rd anniversary of the Mangalore Africa Mission by the Diocese of Mangalore at Diocese of Same, Tanzania. Though the first batch of Mangalorian Missionaries arrived in Same, Tanzania on 14th November 2012 and the second batch arrived on 16th July 2013; the official launching of the Mangalore Africa Mission took place on 21st July 2013 by inaugurating the Immaculate Conception of Mary Parish Kifaru. It was the day Rev. Fr. Hilary Lobo was appointed as the first Parish priest of Kifaru parish in the presence of Most. Rev. Aloysius Paul D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore & Most. Rev. Rogath Kimaryo C.S.Sp., the Bishop of Same.

In the past three years the mission has equally grown in Spiritual, Social & Educational sector with many programs; Rev. Fr. Alwyn M. J. D’Souza as Superior of the mission; Rev. Fr. Ronald Pinto as first Headmaster of St. Joseph Boys Science Secondary School [now he is back to Mangalore]; Rev. Fr. Victor Machado as the Director of Social Development [presently Headmaster of SJBSSS] and Rev. Fr. Hilary Lobo as Spiritual Director worked tirelessly for the growth of the mission.

The founding of the St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School was a major milestone during the past 3 years.  During the National Examination held for the Form Two students all the students those who appeared passed with distinction.  The science laboratories were inaugurated the by the Regional Commissioner of Kilimanjaro region in the presence of Bishops of Mangalore and Same.  Several Socio-economic programs  such as housing project for the poor, distribution of more than 3000 Solar lights to poor families, Konyage Land development project, Youth self-sustaining income generating project etc. have been undertaken during the past three years.

A lot of attention was given to spiritual activities.  Apart from regular Sunday Masses at the Kifaru parish and all the sub-stations of Jeepe, Kivisini, Kalimani and Kileo, regular adult catechism was given by the priests and catechists.  A three day youth seminar was conducted and a 3 days faith formation program for the children was organized.  3 days charismatic retreat was conducted for all the parishioners which was much appreciated by all.  During the last Christmas village level program was organised for all the people in which in each village more than 500 people participated.  It was for the first time such a program was organized in the area. A lot of efforts are made to improve the family life and to educate the women in family responsibilities. Young Christian Students group has been started in our school and the similar groups are strengthened in the neighbouring 4 government secondary schools.

Presently Rev. Fr. Jason Lobo as Asst. Parish Priest & Warden of the school hostel, Bro. Lanson Pinto as Music teacher & Asst. Warden of the school hostel and Mr. Prashanth D’Souza as mission admin help the SMA Mission.

Fr. Hilary Lobo & Fr. Victor Machado completes 3 years at SAME Mission [SMAM]

The second batch of missionaries Rev. Fr. Hilary Lobo & Rev. Fr. Victor Machado were arrived SAME on 16th July 2013, in the past 3 years both of them have served the mission with different capacities. On the occasion of their 3rd mission anniversary we congratulate them for their tireless support & hard work for the growth of SMA Mission & we pray Gods choicest & abundant blessings and good health on them.


My heart is filled with gratitude to God as I complete three years in this mission. When I started my first journey along with Fr. Hilary Lobo, to this place I had prayed to the Lord to give me the strength to work for at least two years over here. My journey has been a journey of faith where God has been constantly telling me not to walk with sight but with utmost trust in him.  Glory be to the Trinitarian God. Fr. Hilary & I have finished 3 years in the mission.

We had tough times in the mission.  But each time the Lord intervened and came to our help. Especially with regard to the establishment of St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School, we had to go through lot of anxious moments with regard to the registration, establishment of the structures and setting up the programs in the school. But after each struggle we came out strong and it has given us experience to face the future challenges.  We have also made progress in reaching out to the needy through different programs which gives us a sense of satisfaction of having a meaningful stay among the people over here.  Surely, we have miles to go and promises to keep, but when God is with us, who can be against us?

Rev. Fr. Victor Machado





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