Workshop on Psychological First Aid held for the teachers of CBE by Shanthi Kiran Counseling Centre

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Mangaluru, July 21: Two days workshop on Psychological First Aid for the teachers of Catholic Board of Education organised by Shanthi Kiran Counseling Centre, Mangalore. It was inaugurated on 19th to 20th July 2019 at Shanthi Kiran , Bajjodi.

Very Rev . Msgr Maxim L. Noronha, vicar general of the diocese inaugurated in an unique way by pouring water to the sapling signifying the psychology of Carl Rogers. As water, manure, fertilizers are needed for the plant so unconditional acceptance, positive regard and emphathetic understanding are the essential elements in the well being of the individual according to Psychologist Carl Rogers. Addressing the teachers Msgr. Maxim L. Noronha asked the teachers to reap the fruits of the workshop and equip with skills to identify the conflicts and struggles of teachers and guide them in their well being. Fr. Arun Lobo, the director explained the importance of the workshop. Just like Medical first aid for the external cuts, hurts and wounds, Psychological first aid for the inner wounds of disturbing thoughts, overwhelmed emotions and maladaptive behabiours. He also explained the need of guidance and support to ‘ z’ generation, those born after the year. The children of z generation are the products of digital evolution. They are studying at present whose whose working ethics, family relations and conflict solving yet to be known. Very Rev Fr. Antony Sherra, secretary of CBE, Fr. Richard Dsouza and Fr. Gratian Alvares were present for the workshop.

During the closing programme Most Rv. Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha, bishop of Mangalore wss present. In his address, he enumerated the importance of Counseling in the present society. Individuals are struggling with various conflicts and Counseling serves as a essential tool to them to face or empower with skills to face the situations.

Workshop on held in 2 batches for alk the higher primary and high school teachers under the management of Mangalore diocese. Each batch will have 2 levels of 2days each. They will be guided on psychology, developmental phases and classroom management of behaviours in first level and Counseling skills on the second level. It will be held from july to November

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin
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