Fr Maurice F D Souza passed away

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By Fr Richard DSouza

Aug 8 : Fr Maurice F D Souza passed away on 8 August 2020 at Father Muller Hospital. He completed 90 years.

His mortal remains will be brought to St Zuze Vaz home, Jeppu on 9 August Sunday 2020 ,at 2.00pm. The Funeral Mass will be held at 4pm in St Vincent Ferrer Church, Valencia , followed by the burial at Mangalore Diocese Priest’s Cemetery , Valencia.

Fr Maurice F D Souza son of late Santhan D’Souza & late Cocess Serra, was born on 29th April 1930 at Bolkunje Parish. He was ordained as a priest on 1 March 1958 for the Diocese of Mangalore. He served as the Assistant Parish Priest at Karkala town, Valencia, Kallianpur Milagres, Milagres Mangalore and Omzoor. He served as the Parish Priest at Neermarga,Agrar,Ullal Panir, Pezar and Kulur parish. After his retirement in the year 2005, he stayed at Vianney home and also served its guardian in the year 2005 to 2007.

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