SMAM welcomes two Volunteers from Germany

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Date: 11/10/2016

Venue: St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School Campus, Kitiri, Same

On 11th of October 2016 the Society of Mangalore Africa Mission welcomed two full time volunteers from Germany namely Mr. Fabian Skrabar & Mr. Bjorn Jung at the campus of St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School. They will be staying with the missionary priests of SMA Mission.

Mr. Fabian Skrabar has finished his secondary education in grammar at German Grammar School. He is a good football player also likes to cook & bake. He has been a private coach and also a volunteer at Catholic Youth Community for long time. After school he wants to study Biology & English and want to become a teacher in the Secondary or Grammar School.

Mr. Bjorn Jung hails from Dortmund, Germany. He is a school graduate from Dortmund Grammar School. He has the interest in the field of medicine and has been volunteered in several hospitals. He is also a national level badminton player, also has the hobby of playing guitar and trumpet. He wants to study medicine and wants to serve the poor & sick.

Both volunteers will be at SMA Mision for the period of 10 months, during their stay they will be helping in day to day activities of St. Joseph Boys’ Science Secondary School Campus, Kitiri, Same. The SMAM team welcomes them and wishes a happy and pleasant stay at Kifaru.

Director CCC Admin
Director CCC Admin
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